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Food in Tahiti 

When thinking about Tahiti, what usually comes to mind are its idyllic landscapes and vibrant Polynesian culture. We bet you didn’t think of French Polynesia as a foodie’s heaven, did you? Yet, Tahitian food culture is good enough a reason to plan a trip to our islands. In this post, we reveal to you seven mouthwatering facts about food in French Polynesia.


Heiva I Tahiti

The energy of thousands of  ‘ori tahiti 1 dancers, the mystic songs sung by the  pupu hīmene 2, the scents and colors of the flower crowns worn by performers and spectators alike... welcome to  Heiva i Tahiti  ! Every year in July, Polynesians burst with excitement as they welcome their largest and most popular event, a month-long festival to celebrate the Tahitian culture through traditional dance, music, sports, crafts and more.



In July 2022, we launched Tama, our very first teen-oriented program. For the 27 international and Polynesian kids involved, this one-month immersion in Moorea was a game changer. This year, we are back with a second edition and guess what ? We are looking for the next 30-or-so Tama participants !