We Are the Kids of the Pacific

We are a team of young people sharing a boundless love for our country and traditions.

We are all driven by the desire to show the world how magnificent and precious our home is. But differently. We want to share with you the fragile stories and ecosystems our ancestors have passed on to us.

Stepping away from the typical postcards of Tahiti, we want to come back to the real essence of travelling: exploring the Earth and meeting the humans.

We Build Immersive and Interesting Experiences For You

Not only we choose our partners for their years of experience in the hospitality or tourism industry but we also work with a “mama” that taught us how to weave at the market, with a fisherman met whilst snorkeling on a Sunday, with a mountain guide who’s been a friend for years.

And we decided to work together because we share the same goal: enhancing and protecting our local heritage.

Together, we build an experience that is immersive and interesting for you, fair and respectful of their culture, harmless and sustainable for the environment.

This Is How We Create Our Experiences

Every single moment spent with these communities is priceless to create meaningful expeditions.
We build trust and relationships that will last forever. We will never allow imposing, faking,
destroying our local heritage for some superficial touristy acting.

Hi, my name is Alexandrine Wan.

26 years old, 156 cm (I’m small but watch out). I was born and raised on the island of Tahiti and I travelled the world to deepen my knowledge on tourism and sustainable development.

Since I was a child, I’ve always wanted to save the world and help people who didn’t have the same privilege as me. Unfortunately, just like everyone, I had to earn money to live and had to get what they call… a “proper” job. Boring, right?
But people tend to forget that all the greatness in this world has started with a simple dream and passionate and dedicated people…

One day, a friend asked me, “what are you good at?”, to which I answered “I’m good at hosting people and putting a smile on their face”. Far for me to think that this could actually be a source of inspiration and creation.
Whilst I was travelling countless countries learning and discovering the world, my mother left us 7 years ago, urging me to live my dreams and honor her memory. Nani means “beauty” in Polynesian languages, and was also the name of this loving Tahitian lady, radiating the warmth and hospitality of our islands through her smile.

This company is a tribute to this amazing woman and all the mothers that reflect the purity and joy of French Polynesia.

Alexandrine, founder and CEO

Sustainable Tourism in Practice

A few rules to follow

Travelling responsibly implies following some rules and respecting the traditions and ecosystems that have been around for centuries. We kindly ask all our travellers to follow these golden rules, to ensure your trip has the best positive impact on the places and people you visit.


For each expedition booked, 1% of Nani’s benefits are donated to local NGOs. Wether they are dedicated to the environment or our culture, these NGOs are essential to our islands.

Our carbon offset program

Doing something for the planet while travelling? Sure, you can! By choosing to travel with us, you ensure that all the CO2 gas emissions produced during your trip will be compensated by funding environmental projects.

Thus, the memorable moments we’ll share together will help improve the living conditions of a disadvantaged population.

Our carbon offset program in details

No, rest assured, you will not spend your stay cycling from one activity to another.Our carbon offset program allows us to invest in environmental projects in order to balance out our own carbon footprints.
Together with Greentripper, we calculated all the CO2 gas emissions produced during your trip and financially compensate them – all the money goes to help provide drinking water in Uganda.
Thus, our colleagues at Greentripper ensure that families in Kaliro, Uganda, have access to safe water wells, avoiding the use of fires to sterilize water.

The Team

Alexandrine Wan

CEO and founder

My favourite spot:
the lagoon of Faa’a where you can find the old vestige of a plane, home to so many fish.

My favourite way of starting the day:
say thank you for this new day, kiss my fiancé and do a 10-minute meditation session whilst the sun goes up.

What I always bring with me on a holiday:
my natural medication kit holding essential oils and traditional remedies.



Biology marine scientist and environmental project manager

As a young marine biologist, I am convinced that the protection of the environment and its biodiversity depends on the goodwill of us all, Humans, to preserve and enhance this unique and precious heritage. By sharing the natural and cultural richness of our Fenua, our team not only offers our visitors the opportunity to discover nature but also awakens the desire to protect it.

Your Guides

We are young islanders from French Polynesia, our paradise. Proud of our Polynesian culture, our identity.
Together, we are willing to achieve something that will matter.


My favourite spot:
anywhere in the mountains or the ocean. But Sapinus really is a special place by night and day, it’s perfect.

My favourite way of starting the day: snorkeling to the reef, watching turtles and leopard rays peacefully passing by; surfers doing what they love; Moorea standing in front of me; the great valley of Punaruu behind me… and myself in the middle of it all, feeling free, light and blessed. You can only feel grateful and happy after this.

What I always bring with me on holidays:
a big smile because I’m on holiday!


My favourite spot:
Taha’a ,the island of my mother. Everything I know comes from there: my roots, my knowledge of our islands, my bond with the nature …

My favourite way of starting the day:
stay a bit longer in bed, jump in the salty water for a surfing session and go fishing for breakfast.

What I always bring with me on holidays:
happiness, craziness and wildness: the must-have for a great holiday.


My favourite spot:
anywhere I feel connected to Mother Earth.

My favourite way of starting the day:
a glass of water to cleanse my body and start the day with a fresh mind.

What I always bring with me on holidays:
my own sunshine.

Ready for a Journey?

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our office if you have any questions, recommendations,
or love to send. We’ll do our best to get back to you in no time.
If you’re in a rush, you can also give us a call: +689 40 81 35 81