The Food and Traditions Expedition

Embark on the very first food expedition of Tahiti.


Tahiti & Moorea


8 days / 8 nights

Trip Type


Group Size

4-8 Persons


English - French


Discover our islands in a very atypical way and get a real taste of what French Polynesia has to offer. Be curious, be adventurous and try it all: raw fish, exotic fruits, punch, pastries.
On your journey, you will meet passionate foodies who are usually behind the scenes, such as fishermen and farmers, and enjoy all the flavours our lands and seas hide.


We will guide you through this heritage, our traditions and the recent modernisation of our cuisine to understand better what we eat…. and who we are, us, Polynesians. How did we arrive on those remote islands ? What was our main source of food ? How have French and Chinese influenced our cuisine ? How many different techniques of fishing exist ?

Embark on a delicious yet interesting journey, after which you’ll never eat the same.

Please note:

*18 years-old people and over only can join the expedition.
* We also offer non-alcoholic alternatives at Cocktail Hour and during the Pairing Dinner.

Trip Highlights

Itinerary subject to change

Our Impact

By choosing this expedition, you will further help our country develop an organic, local and natural agriculture.
We believe that educating younger generations to a more sustainable way of life is the key. So we invest time and money building an organic garden for the kids of the NGO SOS Children’s Village*. When booking this expedition, 1% of Nani’s benefits will directly be donated to this project.

* SOS Children’s Village is the largest non-governmental organisation focused on supporting children without parental care and families at risk.


Not Included

Frequently Asked Questions

You’re a food lover and you’re not affraid to try out different things ; you want to visit French Polynesia diffrently and you’re curious to learn more about our History and traditions.
This is all about traditions. Our ancestors lived on fishing, roots and tubers, tropical fruits and coconut trees mostly. So expect a lot of those ! We will always try and accomodate our experiences according to your diet and allergies, but we would not recommend this expedition to somebody following a very strict diet, as you might not be able to try out a lot of our local specialities.

Nothing to worry about. You will receive a detailed travel journal once you’ve booked your expedition and proceeded to full payment.
You will find ALL the information you need there: activities, times, meals, transfers, what to pack and a few tips on the destination. Along with your detailed program, you will receive our Golden Rules, so we all ensure to have the right attitude and the best positive impact whilst travelling together.

Please get in touch and let us know about any special treatments you’d require for your adventure.
Wether you follow a special diet, have a handicap or deal with allergies, we will do our best to accomodate you during your experience.

Please, let us know if you’d like to make this moment even more special. Wether you’re celebrating a birthday, an anniversary or anything important, we can organise something for you. Send us an email (iaorana@nani-travels.com) and we’ll share with you offers and costs.

We are only the visitors of the planet, and Mother Nature remains our big boss ! We adapt our planning to the weather when needed and always have a plan B to make sure we all enjoy our time and remain safe. And wether it’s raining or not, it’s always 30 degrees, so not much to complain about !

We believe this expedition is all about focusing on enjoying delicious and new things. Don’t get us wrong, we love kids but on this journey, we’ll be doing a lot of tastings that could be quite draining for kids. However, feel free to bring recipes back home for your loved ones to try !

To ensure the quality of our expeditions and respect the local environment and communities, we do not run the same tour on a weekly basis. You can always look at our other expeditions or choose a daily activity that fits your stay in French Polynesia.

DEFINITELY ! We’d be more than happy to help you out and recommend the best spots around. Email us with any questions and feel free to take a look to all our daily experiences to build yourself the best trip !
You can reach us out at iaorana@nani-travels.com.

Of course ! Some of you might be worried because we seem to be a tiny dot in the middle of nowhere, but we do have a great health system. Plus, you’re never left alone and our guide will always be looking after you.