The Coconut Odyssey

Discover the coconut in all its forms!


Fare Nani, Haapiti, Moorea


A day (from 8:00am to 4pm)

Trip Type

Daily Activity

Group Size

2-8 Persons


English - French


Discover the secrets of the coconut and embark on a day filled with adventures, scents, crafts and flavours.

Start the day following your guide on a magical hike at the heart of the island of Moorea. Guided by the legends of his ancestors, Jordan will share with you his incredible knowledge on our local History and environment: who knew that this flower could calm your headache or that this tree would help you cool down your body temperature ?

We’ll then head to a splendid over-the-sea private villa, Fare Nani, for a much deserved lunch. Help us cook one of the most popular local dish, making your own coconut milk from scratch, and enjoy a typical tahitian lunch over the lagoon of Moorea.

The coconut tree is a tree of a thousand possibilities! Spend the rest of the day unveiling the different uses of this tree in the tahitian culture. Follow Georgia through the making of Monoï and create your very own version of this local oil ; join Tepoe on a weaving class and learn how to weave a traditionnal ‘O’Ini – a little basket – and a Po’ara which adorn the hair of the vahines today.

Immerse yourself in the polynesian culture and discover how one tree can create life for a thousand people.

Key things to know


For your comfort, please bring:
– Natural Mosquito repellent
– Sunscreen
– Good hiking shoes
– Your reusable water bottle
– Your swimsuit and dry clothes


Meeting point is at the Belvedere of Moorea, at 9am.
We can also pick you up anywhere on the island, wether it’s your accomodation or a meeting point, before 8:30am.


The future belongs to those who wake up early ! Start the day at 9am with the hike from the Belvedere. Lunch time should be around 1pm – but don’t worry, you will be offered a snack during the hike. You’ll then spend the rest of the afternoon on the cultural workshops up until 4pm.

Our Impact

By choosing this expedition, you will further help our country develop an organic, local and natural agriculture. We believe that educating younger generations to a more sustainable way of life is the key. This is why we partnered with SPG Bio Fetia, so we can build, together, an organic garden for the NGO SOS Children’s Village *. Being experts in organic agriculture, SPG Bio Fetia appeared like the best partner to help on this project. We do hope that this garden will bring hope to the kids of SOS Children’s Village, participating in giving them the chance to grow up in a healthy environment.
When booking this tour, 1% of our benefits will directly be donated to this project.

* SOS Children’s Village is the largest non-governmental organisation focused on supporting children without parental care and families at risk.


Not Included

Frequently Asked Questions

You want to learn more about the Tahitian culture ? You’re not affraid to try out things you’ve never done before ? Join us and immerse yourself into the coconut world. Get ready for the flavours, scents and stories of our islands !

Please get in touch and let us know about any special treatments you’d require for your adventure.
Wether you follow a special diet, have a handicap or deal with allergies, we will do our best to accomodate you during your experience.

Please, let us know if you’d like to make this moment even more special. Wether you’re celebrating a birthday, an anniversary or anything important, we can organise something for you. Send us an email (iaorana@nani-travels.com) and we’ll share with you offers and costs.

We adapt to the weather when needed so if conditions aren’t good enough, we might offer to rearrange the date to make the activities more convenient. If you can’t make it to the new date, we will offer a full refund on the cancelled activity.

During this day, we want to offer you the opportunity to devote yourself to our culture and environment. Don’t get us wrong, we love kids! But we would like you to fully enjoy this day and all the discoveries that come with it. Don’t forget to leave with delicious memories to share with your children, friends or family when you return home!

Yes ! We will pick you up before the beginning of the activities and take you back to your pick up location when our time together is over.

This hike is accessible to most travellers. Plus, you will largely have the time to enjoy some stops to take your breath, drink water, and also learn about our biodiversity and traditions.
You will be amazed by all the surprises this trail has in store for you!

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