Sustainable living

A Week-end with Pauline Sillinger


Haapiti, Moorea


2 days

Trip Type

2-day trip

Group Size

4-8 Persons


English - French


Every little thing you do from the moment you wake up will have an impact on our planet. What you eat, how you dress, what you use to brush your teeth or wash your hair. Every little thing matters.

When we think about helping to protect the planet, we think big changes. But there are very small steps you can take to start. And if we all change some of our daily habits, we can have a huge impact.

Embark on a 2-day trip to Moorea and meet Pauline, our wonderful Sustainable Development Consultant who grew up on the island. She will guide through the small changes you can take home to live more sustainably. From organic farming to sustainable cooking, from minimalism techniques to zero-waste crafts, you will learn different ways of eating, creating, living.

Living sustainably means living in harmony with nature and what she has to offer. And what better place than Fare Mata’i to spend this week-end, nestled on the beautiful lagoon of Moorea. Wake up as the sun rises, learn as it shines and go to bed when the very first star shows up in the sky.

Key things to know


For your own comfort, please bring :
– Your notebook and a pen (to bring back all of Pauline’s tips !)
– A hat or a cap, and anything else you might need to protect you from the sun
– Swimming suit and beach towel
– Reef-friendly sunscreen
– Natural mosquito repellent
– Your reusable water bottle


You will spend your week-end in Moorea and will be sleeping at The Fare Mata’i, in Haapiti. Depending on who you travel with, you will either share a double-bed private room or a dormitory room with other travellers.  

You will spend your days and share activities at Fare Nani, a local home not far from beautiful lagoon of Moorea. Built in the 50s, this home has been renovated but still carries the atmosphere of the good-old-days. Charming and warmful, you will appreciate the view over both the mountains and the ocean while wandering in the wide garden by the beach. 


– Morning : visit the only biological farm of the island and learn how to make your compost.
– Afternoon : meet Heimata, a local and passionate chef. Learn the basics of sustainable cooking and prepare your zero-waste dinner together !

– Morning: start your day stretching as the sun rises and spend the rest of your morning learning minimalism and KonMari techniques 
– Afternoon: DO IT YOURSELF ! Craft a zero-waste object to take home.

Meet Pauline Sillinger.

Let us introduce you Pauline ! Passionate about the environment and the Polynesian culture, she is a Sustainable Development Consultant.

After growing up in Moorea, Pauline leaves to conquere the world and learn about the environment and permaculture in Canada, Spain, Brazil and California.

Back in French Polynesia, Pauline is now Project Manager for many local NGOs (FAPEPEW…) and is the author of numerous educational programs, such as the Réseau Ecosentinnelles Hei Mata’ara or Mon Fa’a’pu Durable.  Pauline cares about sharing what she’s learnt with the rest of the world, through conferences, classes, TV shows or press articles for a better tomorrow.

Our Impact

When booking this activity, 1% of Nani’s benefits are directly donated to the Te Ora Naho (Federation of Environmental Organisations). This federation gathers all the local NGOs working towards the perservation of the environment in French Polynesia.


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