Nani Events

Environmental and Cultural Event Organizer 

What are Nani Events? 

"They are educational and impactful, but most importantly, they are beautiful and fun events accessible to all! Our goal is to turn any environmental or sociocultural event into an unforgettable experience." - Alexandrine

Effet Mer

L'Effet Mer by Nani : an environmental and artistic festival highlighting ocean conservation  with the goals of promoting local environmental initiatives and inspiring environmental conservation. This fun and engaging event aims to inspire all to participate in the fight against climate change

Beach Cleanup 

When we first started beach cleanups in 2017 with tourists, the local population definitely took note. Since then, we have organized multiple beach cleanups throughout the year, engaging both locals and visitors.

Mini Heiva TAMA

International and local youth unite for a month to create a mini Heiva. Each participant has an opportunity to present their culture through song and dance. This event is open to local families, nonprofits, and corporate partners. 

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L'Effet Mer Festival

Launched in 2019 and organized for a 2nd edition in 2022, L'Effet Mer is an artistic and environmental festival promoting ocean conservation and environmental stewardship. The first festival, inaugurated by Tuatahi and our team, was marked by the creation of an art installation made out of soda cans from a beach cleanup. This art installation is exposed at the Paofai Gardens. 

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RLE Seminar

In partnership with French Polynesia's Direction de l'Environnement (DIREN), we organized a seminar for local stakeholders engaged in ocean conservation across our 5 archipelagos. The seminar allowed for this group of ocean stewards to build community and discuss innovative solutions around ocean conservation. 

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