The Polynesian Blue

Explore our lagoons and help us save the reef.


Fare Nani, Haapiti, Moorea


A day (from 8:00am to 4pm)

Trip Type

Daily Activity

Group Size

2-8 Persons


English - French


Explore our lagoons and help us save the reef.

Start the day learning about the current situation of the tahitian coral reefs with our passionate marine biologist and guide.

Follow Geneviève on a snorkeling session and admire our marine biodiversity until you reach Nani’s Coral Garden: this is your chance to take action and help us save the reef! Choose a broken piece of coral and plant it back into the lagoon of Moorea. Give it a name and receive an adoption certificate for you to bring home! We’ll keep an eye on this coral garden and update you regularly on its growth.

Back on the beach, help us cook a delicious lunch by lcooking a fish like a real polynesian. Enjoy a locally-sourced and seasonal lunch overlooking the lagoon of Moorea. As islanders, the sea is very important to us, allowing us to eat, breathe, travel, live.

Spend the rest of the day discovering the polynesian myths and legends about the ocean and how we’ve always lived with it. Meet Jordan and help him build a va’a – a traditional pirogue -. Then, to learn how to navigate like the Polynesian explorers !

*Please note that 18 years-old children and over only can join the experience.

Key things to know


For your comfort, please bring:

– Your reusable water bottle

– Your swimsuit and dry clothes

– Your water shoes

– Sunscreen


Meeting point is at Fare Nani, at 9am.
We can also pick you up anywhere on the island, wether it’s your accomodation or a meeting point, before 8:30am.


The future belongs to those who wake up early ! Start the day at 9am discovering our reefs and planting your own coral. Lunch should be served around 12pm. You’ll then spend the rest of the afternoon learning and practicing polynesian culture until 4pm.

Our Impact

On this day, your impact is essential. By planting your own coral and helping us grow our Coral Garden, you’re directly acting toward the protection of our reefs and raising awareness worldwide.

Plus, when booking this activity, 1% of Nani’s benefits are directly donated to the FAPE (Federation of Environmental Organisations). This federation gathers all the local NGOs working towards the perservation of the environment in French Polynesia.


Not Included

Frequently Asked Questions

You’re a sea lover and want to get to know more about our deep relation to the ocean ? You’re eager to help save our reefs as much as you can ? This day is made for you. Please note : the more comfortable you feel in the water the better. Please do consider that we will be snorkelling around and “working” underwater when it comes to coral planting.

Please get in touch and let us know about any special treatments you’d require for your adventure.
Wether you follow a special diet, have a handicap or deal with allergies, we will do our best to accomodate you during your experience.

Please, let us know if you’d like to make this moment even more special. Wether you’re celebrating a birthday, an anniversary or anything important, we can organise something for you. Send us an email (iaorana@nani-travels.com) and we’ll share with you offers and costs.

We are only the visitors of our planet, and Mother Nature remains our big boss !
We adapt to the weather when needed so if conditions aren’t good enough, we might offer to rearrange the date to make the activities more convenient. If you can’t make it to the new date, we will offer a full refund on the cancelled activity.

During this day, we want to offer you the opportunity to devote yourself to our culture and environment. Don’t get us wrong, we love kids! But we would like you to fully enjoy this day and all the discoveries that come with it. Don’t forget to leave with delicious memories to share with your children, friends or family when you return home!

Yes ! We will pick you up before the beginning of the activities and take you back to your pick up location when our time together is over :).

The more comfortable you feel in the water the better. You will have to swim around and won’t always be able to keep your feet on the ground.
Please do consider that we will be snorkelling around and “working” underwater when it comes to coral planting.

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