Our Parntners

We are BamBoo, more than just a partner, a family. 

Bamboo was built on a cornerstone of combined experience of almost 40 years in international travel and give-back initiatives. The co-founders; Colin (49, Wellington New Zealand) and Mark (38, Cardiff, Wales, UK), share the same vision and agree it’s essential that travel countries must be giving–back to the communities that they visit. This, combined with having the most eco-adventure fun possible, is the priority of all Bamboo tours. Each tour is designed around the positive impact that creates, the legacy that it leaves behind, and the way that travelers and communities work together. This is as much about cultural encounters as it is an adventure. We don’t do holidays, we do experiences!

I met Colin during an international conference where I was giving a speech on sustainable tourism and the importance for us (polynesian) to change the way we see tourisme in order to protect them. We immediately connected, ok maybe I took a little long to get back to him as I was also the event planner for the whole week of conference, but we made it happen and started talking about a BamBoo tour in Tahiti. 

That was a very exciting project because we had to take the world “giving back” to another level. Being in French Polynesia, we do have a lot of support from the government. Our job was to identify the real needs in our islands and create projects that will both be impactful for the communities, interactive and meaningful for the visitors, and also sustainable.  

We created a few projects for BamBoo that all took place in the island of Tahiti and Moorea. Those projects were linked with our ocean such as the beach cleaning projects, turtle restorations and the coral restorations project; but also we created projects to preserve our cultural heritage and help women in our islands. 

Today we are so happy to have our own little Nani/BamBoo family here, with so many meaningful projects that evolve with time, to host more than 200 BamFam visitors per year since 2018. Even our Nani Travels team are so proud to be wearing their black shirt sometimes.

Inspired Adventures

Founded in April 2014, Inspired ventures has generated >£1m in travel and event revenues and helped raise over £1.8m of fundraising for charities and charitable projects around the world.

Their expertise ranges from 20 years in impact travel, leadership training, personal development and worldwide fundraising events, which has produced a creative team that has the ability to drive value from your values. Their mission: To connect a network of socially and environmentally driven individuals, who are passionate about making the world a better place, through travel experiences with a purpose and the opportunity for brands and charities to share in their stories.

Believe it or not we started working with Inspired ventures during the pandemic in 2020.  Matt heard about us and decided to contact me directly to create a meaningful experience for his client. It started with a simple “Hey I’m Matt from Inspired ventures” to hours and hours of telephone communication brainstorming and just talking about life and why our job was so much more than just professional in travel.

When he first told me about the influencers we had to create a tour around, I was shocked and thought I would say a big NO, not because I didn’t need new clients during this pandemic but because their way of traveling was not matching with what we were proposing. See, I was used to working with extremist advocates that were sharing the same past and experience. But this time, the challenge was to work with our values and goals in another setting with other types of people. It was so great learning about this industry from Matt and also his client, they made me understand that if we want to really change the tourism industry we can’t just work with people that has the same mission in contrary it has an even bigger impact to work with people that were not use to sustainable travel but wanted with their whole heart to be part of this mouvement. 

Today we are looking forward to hosting our first group trips with international influencers, from different parts of the world with different passions and one goal, to travel more sustainably and show the world how we can do it together.